Friday, December 05 2008


1          Must be made from supplied Shoe Box retaining its entire original base with removeable lid  and retaining at least 50% (by volume) of the original box.

2          Gravity motive power only;

2          Must have 4 wheels each separated by at least 4 ins (wheelbase and track) all with non-metallic contact with track;

4          Wheels must not protrude beyond shoebox length;

5          Wheels can be attached in any suitable manner;

6          Maximum weight of racer: 14 ozs [This will be measured]



1          One Free practice and a final tuning starting at 19:30

2          Submit your entry for Scrutineering by 20:30

3          Scrutineered and accepted entries into Parc Ferme’

4          Whence, all entries now under Starter’s Control



1          The start will be on a wooden incline, 4ft long and a guided, 22ins wide;

2          The incline will run onto a wooden surface approx 22ft long, with carpeted finish but  sleeping policeman may be deployed across the track.

3          The track will be abound 4ft width;

4          A mechanical release will operate from the front edge of the racer;



1          The race will be in two stages, the first with the ramp set at “max” height; Those racers reaching the end of the course will go forward to stage 2;

2          The ramp will be reset and the distance covered at this run will be recorded;

3          The winner will be the entrant that records the max distance in 2;

4          In the event of a tie, an even lower height run will be the decider;


A ‘Concours d’ Elegance’ award will be presented to the best participating racer entered. (This will be judged by popular vote)



An award will be made to the most innovative entry ( A technical judge will be appointed)



The Chief Marshal’s decision shall be final (even if he’s wrong)

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