Winterising Austin Sevens

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PWAYORKSWinterising Austin Sevens – WYPWA7 Club 26th November 2018

  1. Put car away for winter before salt goes down on the roads.
  2. Treat fuel system with Tank Safe (rust inhibitor) – run engine to draw treatment through to carb.
  3. Fill tank right up with 97 octane premium ethanol free fuel. (Esso, Shell, BP, Murco). Filling tank right up to neck reduces surface area exposed to atmosphere.
  4. To run or not to run engine intermittently? Best left, but if you do, run it for at least an hour to warm oil through.
  5. Take plugs out and squirt oil in bores then turn engine over by hand every so often.
  6. Leave antifreeze in. Do not drain. Mix 50/50.
  7. Leave brakes off.
  8. Put car on axle stands, or inflate tyres to 50 psi and push forward or back to prevent flat spots.
  9. King pins – fill with oil to prevent risk of grease hardening.
  10. Change oil before winter, so  fresh oil is left in the sump.
  11. Treat leather with leather food for winter. (Ian Hoole to send name via email.)
  12. Isolate battery and connect battery conditioner (better than trickle charger as it prevents sulphation of plates). “Accumate” senses 6 or 12 volt, about £50 on Amazon. Chris and Nick have had CTEK units fail. NB for cars with alternators complete isolation of battery prevents damage to diodes.
  13. Dehumidifier is better than a heater.

General info:- Engine oil changed every 500 miles.- Gearbox and diff oil change every three years.

– Camshaft bearing bored to just 1/32″ to increase pressure to jets.


Colin Wilks – WYPWA7