The Sporting Code of the IGSBRA 2013 issue

                                Objectives of the Association

1 To promote and support an interest in shoe box racing.

2 To regularise one of the fastest growing indoor racing competitions in the world.

3 To provide an alternative and antidote to the ludicrously expensive F1 scene.

Eligibility for membership

1 Full membership to all those actively racing shoe boxes.

2 Associate membership to those interested in supporting shoe box racing.

Specification: Racers must:

1 Be made from an issued, cardboard shoe box, approximately 12. ins long by 6 ins wide and 4 ins deep weighing less than 7ozs.

2 It must retain at least 50% by volume of its original box or a minimum volume of 144cu ins, but all of its base and a removable lid, extending to its full length.

3 The  lid must be fitted to reveal the issuing stamp.

4 Be driven by gravity, as supplied by the slope, only

5 Have four wheels, all having non metallic contact with the track

6 Each wheel must be separated by at least 4 ins (wheelbase and track).

7 Have wheels that do not protrude beyond the shoe box overall length.

8  Have wheels attached to the box in any suitable manner.

9 Have a gross maximum weight  as specified in the Regulations.

10 The racer will carry a “driver”

11 Must incorporate an effective anti-rollback device,capable of holding the racer on a

1 in 28.63 wooden gradient

  Specification of the track

1 Start from an adjustable wooden incline, 4ft long and a guided, 22 ins wide.

2 The incline will run onto a flat wooden surface, bound at 4ft wide, preferably with a carpet finish.

3 A mechanical release will operate from the front edge of the racer.

4 Sleeping policemen, of specified profile, may be deployed across the track.

Practice and Scrutineering

1 Entrants will be allowed 2 free practices for final tuning  on the course.

2 The racer must be submitted for scrutineering after practice.

The Race

1All entries must be scrutineered for compliance by the Chief Marshal, then placed in Parc Ferme under the Start Marshal’s control.

2 Start Marshal, Track Marshals and Chief Marshal only, will be allowed to handle the racers,once they have been scrutineered, in order that they may be returned to Parc Ferme, etc.

3Track marshal is responsible for the distance travelled to rest measurement, accurate to 1/8″.

4The start incline is progressively lowered, in heats, until a winner prevails.


Protests will be handled by the Chief Marshal and the Start Marshal, the Chief Marshal’s decision shall be final.

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