Shoebox Results 2019

Final Shoebox race results for Main Event,  2019

1st         Stuart Ulph                   Brooklands Blown     117.64ft

2nd         Cliff Ringrose               Easy Peasy 2                109.37 ft

3rd          Christine Butcher        Chris’s Cracker           93.76 ft

4th          Brenda Johnson           Bea’s Belter                93.71 ft

5th          Ian Bancroft                  Brummy Brucey         93.57 ft

6th          Cassandre Ulph            Silver Ghost                93.50 ft

7th          Rose Pell                        Pell Mell Too              93.34 ft

8th          Terry Gadsby                Fiskerton Flyer            69.71 ft

9th           Ben Gadsby                 Wellow Wind               69.13 ft

10th         Chris  Gadsby              The Gadsby Special     45.69 ft

11th         Tony Seward                Cutting Edge                44.86 ft

12th         Dave Golightly              Tip Toe 1                      39.80 ft

J’nt 13th Remainder of field (8), failed to complete RUN 1

Tony Johnson     Chief Marshall