Lincolnshire Group Holiday in Wales mid 70s

While packing the contents of the study I came across the 2 photos
attached, taken on the Lincs Group Welsh holiday of circa 1975 or 6. I
thought you might like them for the Group records.
They are not ever so punchy because (1) it was a £2 camera with a light
leak and (2) the weather was pretty typically Welsh, so not much sun!
Somewhere I have a photo of a roadside picnic on the way back which
shows the personnel.
As for the cars in photo 1, my old friend Norman Green’s Opal is
unmistakeable and you can see my Tourer. The hood is up because Margaret
had a stinking cold. In the foreground you will notice that the slope I
am standing on has a supply of large white stones, probably of druidic
ritual importance. Picture 2 shows what the younger members of the party
did with them. You have to make your own entertainment in Wales.
I feel pretty sure that Len and Phyllis (Paddy will remember them) were
in the party, though I recall them being in the sand coloured Box saloon
– which is not in the photo. Bill and Gladys Stowe came in their Box Saloon called Amy (AMY was part of registration number) and one of the other Boxes was owned by Gary Stanford and his wife Pauline. I do recall that Pauline died at an
early age and Gary moved from Scunthorpe to Scarborough where he took up
with a TR 4a.
I can’t imagine that any of this matters, which is exactly what people
used to say to me when I asked them about Williams!

All the best,
Stuart Ulph

wales 1975 Lincs grp hol crop

wales 1975 Lincs grp hol 2 crop

Paddy Malone sent the extract from Lincs News letter

PWA7C May 1976

From The Pre-War Austin 7 Club Newsletter – May 1976


The May Meeting was quite an informal but happy affair with a fair number of ‘sevens’ gracing the car park at Scothern.  We were particularly pleased to see the Hastings’ Ruby (Debris from the 1066 battle – Ed?) and the Storer’s Nippy (The Gaspmobile?) swelling the ranks.  Perhaps they had hurtled over from foreign shires in the knowledge that John Harvey’s saloon was embarking on its maiden voyage after a mammoth rebuild and was gleaming in the evening sunshine just begging to be admired!   After an appropriate pause for suitable lubricant in which we heard some of the incidents which befell the Welsh expedition, we ‘got ourselves a convoy’ and set off down the old Lincolnshire style green lanes (good for scenery but bad for the springs!) and across the nine inch deep ford.  It was nice to see Big John (Rubber Duck) Clarkson getting his feet wet and travelling on two wheels but perhaps we ought to explain that he was on his motorbike.  From the ford we sped on for a splendid 12 miles thrash down the old Roman road to take on more lubricant at the Hume Arms, Torksey.

Paddy drg


1 Response to Lincolnshire Group Holiday in Wales mid 70s

  1. Paddy Malone says:

    Such vitally important events demand historical accuracy! The 1975 Welsh weekend at the Victoria Hotel,Llanwrst had to be cancelled due to severe snowfalls and drifting. It took us over two hours to clear the drive before we could even gain the road which, once reached, proved virtually impassable. Reports from others joining us on the jolly; Tom and Joan Duxbury, Ken Brockway and Ron and Joe Low confirmed that conditions were no better in Derbyshire and Lancashire. The disgruntled Hotelier, basking in Welsh sunshine, was not best pleased.

    As a palliative, we repeated the exercise in 1976 . This is the year of Stuart’s “leaky” photos. Sadly, due to family illness issues we were unable to attend, but I seem to recall that apart from those mentioned by Stuart, George Spradbrow was also on the trip. Incidentally,Len and Phyllis from Ruskington shared Carter as a surname, which was only right and proper, as they had been married for years.

    One is left wondering whether the stone-age graffiti is still adorning that Welsh hillside?

    The only mention of the affair I can find is in the Group News in The Pre-War Austin 7 Club Newsletter of May 1976. Hopefully our Web-mistress can attach it in some way.


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