Meetings from September to April in the stable block of The George Hotel, Leadenham.

2nd. Wednesday of the month 7.30pm for 8.00pm unless stated otherwise.

10th July                           Wellow Meeting

12-14th July                     Austen Ten Drivers National Rally,  Lincs PWA7 VERY                                                           WELCOME    *

Sat.  10th     Aug.            Lincs. Gp. BBQ at South Scarle

Wed 11th Sept.               Speaker Richard Pullen on Women’s Role in WW1 Tank                                                        Manufacture

Sun 15th Sept                   Alford Manor*

Wed 9th Oct                   Media night with Stuart Ulph

Sat 12th Oct                     Coach Trip to Cotswold Motor Museum CONTACT Peter                                                        Rowlands

20th October                   End of Season run with Pub Lunch.

Wed 13th Nov                  To be advised

Wed 11th Dec.                  To be advised

Date for next year’s 7s to the Sea Run – 5th April 2020.


*Events not organised but supported by Lincs PWA7 Group

Lunchtime Meet 3rd Wednesday of the month – The Woodcock, Burton Waters @ 12 noon will restart in September

Why not add details and a photo of your ‘pride & joy’. Under the long range watchful eye of Ed. Davies it is now extremely well managed by our webmistress Brenda Johnson.                 [ beaandtony@hotmail.com ]

Peter Rowlands

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