Friday, December 05 2008

[International Gravity Shoe Box Racing Association]

History and Introduction

Man has been competing with wheeled racers of all types, since the wheel’s invention. Chariots, 2 and 4 wheeled motorised vehicles and others, but a more pure type of racing on wheels evolved, using only gravity as the motive force. Soap Box Derbys were probably the first to regularise their sport and many events are now run annually and feature on television. The winter months have, until relatively recently, been devoid of competitive wheeled sport, but, possibly in France, someone had the bright idea of racing 2CV rocker box covers down a slope, indoors. This was eagerly taken up in the UK, using any type of rocker box, in particular, the Morris 1000 Clubs are active, using skittle alleys and the sport thrives.

Representatives of the Japanese Motor Industry saw the demonstration at the Classic Car Show in 2007 and they now run a National event. It was felt that not having rocker boxes, an alternative should be found for pre war Austin Clubs, so we could join in the fun, shoeboxes fitted the bill.

Objectives of the Association

To promote and support an interest in shoe box racing

To regularise one of the fastest growing indoor racing competitions

in the world

To provide an alternative and antidote to the corrupt and ludicrously expensive F1 scene

Eligibility for membership

Full membership to all those actively racing shoeboxes

Associate membership to those interested in and supporting shoebox racing


All events held under the auspices of the Association, must be certified as complying with its Sporting Code.


  1. neill crookes says:

    Is shoebox racing run by other A7 clubs i.e. other areas ?

    • Anthony Johnson says:

      Regulations for this format have been issued to a number of regions but up to date I haven’t heard of any other event taking place. We would welcome the competition.

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