March Report – 2019

Shoe Box Racing Night – Report by our Chief Marshall

 Wednesday the 13th March, coincided with The Cheltenham Racing Festival and Storm Gareth with its 70mph winds, but nothing could deter 44 shoebox  race goers from attending the 10th anniversary race meeting held on the Stableblock  track at, The George Hotel, Leadenham.  Now the Headquarters of the IGSBRA, The George has a new tenant landlord Ged and thankfully he too is an enthusiast and our future at the crucible of Shoe Box Racing seems to be assured.

 Changes to the Regs. were minimal this year; therefore racers from last year qualified, unless they had been issued with an Advisory notice that hadn’t been addressed. (Pleased to report all was well and no Advisories had to be issued this year.)

 There was a very strong, 20 racer entry for this year, with no less than 5 previous winners including Cassandra Ulph, defending her No 1 plate from Cliff Ringrose, who ran second last time out, by less than an inch. Cliff had retired “Santa’s Sleigh” in favour of “Easy Peasy 2” in an endeavour to wrest the Trophy back, while Ian Bancroft had replaced Pink Pong  with Brummy Brucey, in order to improve on his 3rd place of last year. Many old favourites had entered; including Dennis Bingham, who had a very determined look as he presented his vinyl mash up equipped entry for scrutiny.

 The Gadsby family involvement meanwhile, continues to grow, with 3rd generation Christopher’s entry, number 11, being the only Novice entry in the field. All 3 of their racers were works of art and a credit to the constructors, to the extent that all 3 were voted 1st and joint 2nd in the peoples vote for the racer they would most like to take home, Ben’s Babe, number 9, taking the first spot. No less impressive were the Technical Excellence scores, with Christopher taking the first spot and Ben the third, split by Bruce’s Bomber  the impressive entry of Bruce Robinson.

 A special mention has to be made of the efforts of our Technical Judge, who did a tremendous job, having worked none stop for 24 hrs. prior to officiating at Leadenham! The spectators vote for the most entertainment provided by a racer was won by Bruce’s Bomber because, after a massive build up with a sound accompaniment including the Teddy Bears Picnic, it ploughed into the Safety barriers, (no one was injured).

The main event proved to be as thrilling as predicted, when after 4 runs down the ever decreasing slope, most of the field were eliminated, with 3rd place going to Christine Butcher’s , The Cheese. It was left to two Titans of Shoe Box Racing, Stuart Ulph’s, Brooklands Blown and Cliff Ringrose’s, Easy Peasy 2, to fight it out. Stuart’s accurate evocation of a 1927 Hanomag, which model had crashed out last year, was first to run in the drive off.  However, when it reached the end of the track, the antiroll back system delayed its deployment with a loss of about 2 foot of attainment!   The whole room waited in anticipation as Easy Peasy 2 gracefully descended the ramp, only to belly out on a sleeping policeman! What a shock. So Stuart Ulph took the title by 7.27 feet.

 Thanks to all the entrants, the spectators, the Sponsors, the Set up / Running Team and The George.  Another fantastic spectacle that we hope to have on video thanks to Paul Bradley. Here’s to next year, when who knows, we may get a challenge from another Group, if they dare?

Shoebox 19

 Tony Johnson

Chief Marshall

Programme with Current Confirmed Diary Dates  

7.30 pm for Wednesdays in  2019

Sun.   7th     April           Sevens to the Sea

Wed.  10th   April            Noggin & Natter

Sun.   28th April               Drive it Day

[ Contact Steve Nash – 07711 450936 , ]

Sun.   12th   May            Mystery Run & pub luncheon – Tel. Paddy on 01522 751994

Sun.    9th    June            Woolaton

Sat.    1st      June            Visit to Ollerton – Great British Sports Car Co. [3 spaces left ]

Sat.    15th   June            Club Golden Jubilee celebrations [ Contact Peter Rowlands ]

Sun.   16th    June            Claxby Open Gardens [ A7 entrance fee a cake for the stall ]

Sat.    10th   Aug.            Lincs. Gp. BBQ at South Scarle

Sun.   8th      Sept.            Wentworth House [ Google Gemini Car Events ]

Sun.   15th    Sept.            Alford Manor Heritage Day

Sun.   20th   Oct.             End of Season Run & Pub Luncheon

W/end 12th – 14th July Austin Ten Drivers Club National Rally, Newark Rugby Club.

 If you wish to attend for the whole weekend then e mail me requesting the full application pack. However as a promotional recruitment  exercise the ATDC have agreed that any PWA7C member can attend on the Sunday for a reduced fee of £10 per car. You will receive a programme & be eligible for judging in Class 8 – “Guest Entrants”. Let me know a.s.a.p. by e mail which you require.

Other events you may be interested in:-

 Sun.  9th June       Gringley –on-Hill, Rally / Open gardens. Details from Peter Rowlands

Sun.  16th June     LVVS Rally – Lincoln Castle

Sun.  30th June     Swaton Vintage Day & Word Egg Throwing Chapionships

 [ Contact – Rod Colebrook on 01529 421296 or 07946 879480 ]

Sun.  4th    Aug.     Revesby Country Fair

Sun.  11th  Aug.     Lincoln Rotary Club Rally, Rand Farm Park

Thurs.  22nd          August           Yorks. Gp. Heather & Honey Run

          [ Contact Chris Simpson – to apply ]


 Lunchtime Meet 3rd Wednesday of month 12 noon @ The Woodcock, Burton Waters 

 Meet again Wed. 17th April 2019. – Time to get the Austins out!


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