November Report – 2019

Lincolnshire Group – NOVEMBER 2019 Report

                                                IMPORTANT – CHANGE OF VENUE

 W.E.F. Wed. 8th Jan. 2020 we shall be meeting at Navenby Methodist Church Hall,

High Street, Navenby  LN5  0LN


We were scheduled to all meet around ten for coffee at The Belton House garden centre. For yours truly it was a scrabble to get there as I wanted to see the end of the Wales v France quarter final! It finished at 10.12, then it was jump in the Austin and take the direct route down the A1 as fast as the old Austin would go. We arrive just before the drivers briefing with minutes to spare, but more importantly Wales won.

 Paddy & Ande Malone had both planned the 32 mile route and also booked the pub in Navenby for our Sunday luncheon. You can, like an Austin, always rely on them to come up trumps. The route was most enjoyable and we went through a number of villages that were new to most of us. They had planned the obligatory ford, however as a convoy of us neared it we were stopped by a local who informed us it was closed as it was determined to be too deep. One of our stalwarts said he could find us a bypass which would bring us out back on the original route. So approximately twelve of us played follow my leader.

 Unbeknown to us David and Jane Clarke in their 1949 Triumph Roadster had been temporarily delayed en route having knocked the exhaust tailpipe off. They came upon the ford on their own and David decided to “ go for it”!! He got stuck in the middle with water coming in from the side and up through the floor. Fortunately a good villager was on hand to tow them out. They arrived at the pub just in time for lunch but both with completely soaked bottom halves. They then discovered that two Austins had made it through with no problem! Don’t tell Ed Davies but one of them was a Ruby. Only going to prove you really can rely on an Austin.


ford 02

I sat at a table of eight directly opposite Jeff Ellingworth for the luncheon and there was much car talk especially about his son whose races in formula 2. Sadly on the Tuesday Jeff sustained a heart attack and was taken to Lincoln hospital. At the time of writing I can confirm  he is out of the cardiac unit and recovering at home. Get well cards have been sent and I take this opportunity to wish him a speedy recovery.

In all fifteen Austins took part along with eight “others”. Howard & Rose Pell brought their two very young grandchildren along and I am reliably informed they both did all the navigating. Bruce Robinson insisted he did not get lost. His noticed deviation was for a call of nature. A grand day out to end our season.

Pell family

Gravity Shoe Box Race Night

As you will know by now, after our 10th Anniversary meeting, we have lost the “Stables” GP track at The George, for Shoe Box Racing due to its conversion into letting accommodation. Fortunately, we have been able to secure the use of the “Navenburg Ring” track at nearby Navenby and on the 11th March 2020, our GP event will be held at this new venue. Because of the potential for excessive speed on this new all weather track, amendments to the Regulations are inevitable and these will not be ready for issue until the Lincolnshire Group AGM at the Navenby MC venue, on Jan 8th, when all will be revealed.

“The Navenburg Ring”

 Navenby Methodist Chapel, Wed. March 11th 2020

 Please note this is our normal March Club Night.   Spectators most welcome.

The race entry fee is £3.00 to include a copy of the new regulations. 

 Entries are limited to 20 and must be in by February 25th 2020.


18.00 – 19.00                     Track Set Up

19.00 – 20.30                     Scrutineering & practice runs

20.30 – 21.30                     High Ramp Runs

21.30 – 22.00                     Low ramp Runs

22.00 – 22.30                    Results & Awards


  • The entry travelling the furthest down the track
  • The entry having the most innovative design
  • Concourse d’Elegance, by popular vote

Novelty class for the most entertaining entrant, by popular vote

 Tony Johnson Chief Marshall

Programme with Current Confirmed Diary Dates  

 7.30 pm for 8 pm Wednesdays in  2020 @ Navenby Methodist Church Hall.


Wed.  8th     Jan.             AGM – New venue, Navenby Methodist Church Hall

Wed. 12th    Feb.             Speaker Patrick Geary on “The Lancaster Bomber”

Wed. 11th    March         Shoebox racing

Sun. 5th       April           SEVENS TO SEA

Wed. 8th      April           Lincs. Brewery Tour, Langworth & evening meal. £25p.p.

                                        [ Send cheques to Peter Rowlands ]

Fri. 1st         May            VE celebrations – Thoresby Hall – details t/f.

Sun. 17th     May            Mystery Run

Sun.28th      June            Dunholme Lodge Open Day , details see website

[ Contact is Paddy Malone ]

Sat.8th         August        BBQ @ South Scarle


 Lunchtime Meet 3rd Wednesday of month 12 noon @ The Woodcock, Burton Waters 

Next meeting Wed 15th January 2020


 www.  Give it a try & give our Webmistress “Brenda” your feedback!!!!!!  Over the last three years we have had 79,000 hits. Brenda has also instigated a new section entitled “Sales” . This is where Lincs. Gp. Members can advertise cars or parts for sale. Put your A7 parts on now instead of Ebay . Postscript; An RM Saloon has just been sold within 48 hrs.!.

If you have sold your vehicle / items, please let us know so we can take the advert down. She has also recently posted some information regarding the history of the Lincs. Group & the Sevens to the Sea event.

 Peter Rowlands